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abhayangam therapy

Rejuvenation therapies in Ayurveda helps completely revitalize the body, provides resistance against disease and disharmony, delays ageing, removes fatigue and increases the overall health of an individual. Special treatments are given, focussing on different parts of the body like the face, eyes, forehead, head, joints and whole body for relaxation and healing. Using a combination of various Ayurvedic massages, herbs and oils the different therapies aid in calming the body, mind and soul. 


Ayurvedic detox and purification therapies include the process of elimination of accumulated toxins and impurities, thereby cleansing the body inside-out. The body and blood purification therapies in Ayurveda help in the prevention of various diseases and restore a healthy balance of doshas. A good ayurvedic detox incorporates Panchakarma, the "five detox process", an intense ayurvedic therapy that nourishes and strengthens the process of purification and restores the natural constitution of the body.  

nasya treatment


Ayurveda provides a variety of therapies that nourish and replenish the body like magic. By enhancing blood circulation and nourishing a person's muscles and tissues, an authentic Ayurvedic therapy, together with herb-infused oil massages and medications, promotes inner healing. Different therapies can be provided to properly nourish and heal the body while maintaining the natural coordination of the different systems by determining the underlying cause of health issues and knowing what each muscle or tissue desires.


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